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President Janet Napolitano with SACSW at the Fall 2014 meeting

President Napolitano visited the October 14 SACSW meeting to offer her support and share her ideas about promoting work-life balance for women. 

Legislative updates

President approves new Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy on February 25, 2014.

UC meets Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) requirements with changes to university's sexual harassment policy. See article.

State adds legal protections for victims of stalking. UC to add to Personnel Policies for UC women.

Top news

Office of General Counsel honored 
Myra Bradwell Award

bradwell award ogc

“It’s a credit to General Counsel Charles Robinson and his efforts to promote women and people who have families, and OGC’s entire team is dedicated to diversity in everything it does.”

Read the article in Link

UC Women

cooney ucla

Kara Cooney

UCLA Egyptologist
Author of "The Woman Who Would Be King: Hatshepsut’s Rise to Power in Ancient Egypt.” 

"Hatshepsut can’t be remembered for anything lascivious or any feminine weakness. She continued a successful dynasty for her family, and she did it so well that it was easy to remove her because everyone wanted to take credit for the amazing things she did.” More


Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) training is available through your campus Learning Management System.

Contact your local training coordinator for details. 

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